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Lofoten Diamond

Storvatnet Lake, Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. Had the pleasure of spending a morning with my good friends and world renowned photographers, Iurie Belegurschi and Arild Heitmann.

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This shot has a benchmark factor in it- it´s the most stunning wintershot from Lofoten so far and it really invites to try to get some more of those!

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how can I ever follow up this shot ! haha !

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Ripping Hoyvikka midnightsun would be one way i think :D

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good image

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appreciate the feedback Sarah! =)

Thorarinn Jonsson's picture

Very nice perspective - cracking shot !

mikey perkinator's picture

Stunning! If I capture such a shot I may just retire...

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It's amazed me a lot guy .

Matthias Dengler's picture

Pure awesomeness! 5* without any doubt!

Alexandre Lachausse's picture

Amazing !

Carl Rogers's picture

wow this is awesome.

Thomas Tucker's picture

Love this man

Joe Black's picture

Very impressive!

Rex Jones's picture

Texture!!! I love it!! That thick ice in the foreground really tells a story! Killer shot!

Boudewijn Kegels's picture

Help! The monster of Loch-Ness is trying to escape! Fabulous shot. But really: what's going on there?

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A powerful composition and a very pleasing colour palette.

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