4.5 8  by Travis Carroll
February 12, 2018

1 image from the series "Masters of Design: The 458 Italia" which was a collaborative effort with Jake Potts to appreciate the detail of a vehicle that was so finely crafted. From various details such as The Human Machine Interface, to the perfectly centered engine, we spent 2 days observing and capturing this beauty before Jake created the background based off of the structure of the A in "Italia."

See more images and details on the project bechance page here:


Cambo Actus / Credo Leaf 50
35mm · 1/125 · ISO 100
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Mike Yamin's picture

Great work! Gorgeous car.

Studio 403's picture

I wondered who stole my car.....great shot regardless

Adam Chandler's picture

Beautiful shot of a beautiful car!

John Dawson's picture


David Schöppe's picture

again... this Background! Why, just why? :( It just looks like a cheap rendered background to me

Travis Carroll's picture

Can't please 'em all!

Travis Carroll's picture

Thanks everyone! We had a blast with this one!