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1 image from the series "Masters of Design: The 458 Italia" which was a collaborative effort with Jake Potts to appreciate the detail of a vehicle that was so finely crafted. From various details such as The Human Machine Interface, to the perfectly centered engine, we spent 2 days observing and capturing this beauty before Jake created the background based off of the structure of the A in "Italia."

See more images and details on the project bechance page here:


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Gerd Moors's picture

Nice one, Travis!

Anonymous's picture

The lighting is magnificent, but the junction between the floor and the garage door/wall, cutting into the roofline, is driving me a little crazy.

I'm not sure whether that is unfair of me, but there it is.

Dana Cole's picture

wow 😮

David Schöppe's picture

I'm very confused by this image. At first it looks like a render and there are things that are "off", what is wrong with the mirrors, from this perspective it seems like they are faced totally silly because you have to see the car in the mirrors, not the floor. And, how do you get this kind of depth of field without Lens diffraction by to high F-Stops. As last, the brick wall / door seems so cheap! If you compose you should at least get it right, because the "door" or "wall" ends with a half line at the bottom, how should this be possible?


Thanks for your feedback David! All textures came from actual photographs and the back door is in fact real. When looking back over the files from the shoot the mirrors reflected only the white ground of the studio.