forest walk by Royan Descartes
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forest walk

February 20, 2018

Tested out my NIkon D610 with ym 105mm f2.8 old school lens.

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Thank you, kind Mr.Howell. Um, I honestly did not try a black and white picture. truth be told, this was a spur of the moment photo because I saw this path every day on my way to school and back home and I always wondered what it would look like to shoot there. funny enough on the day to actually take the photo, I brought my d610 and my d300. I FORGOT the memory card for my D610. I had no choice but to use the D300. it was VERY DARK by then.

nice fairy-image with good color-grading. I would actually rotate the image slightly to the left, it seems just a little off.

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thank you very much Mr.Knoll. I can't tell you much I appreciate the feedback. I always wondered what about the image seemed a little off. now I realize what you are saying is true. Thank you very much.