into the forest by Royan Descartes
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into the forest

February 20, 2018

long walks through the forest

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this picture seems a little bit harsh to me -- but actually this might be in your sense since your other images have that same kind of look to them.

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Thank you Mr.Knoll. when you say harsh do you mean the colours or the processing of the photo itself? i wish to improve this craft.

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Damn this picture makes me feel lonely hahah Makes me feel so small but its so amazing. Only critique i would give is to bring back some of the darks because it might help give the photo some depth.

Royan Descartes's picture

ah ok i felt that too. you are right about bringing the darks back. i can give this a try right now. i appreciate the feedback very very much

Brandon Minieri's picture

Id love to see it with some darks brought back in but also keep the color grading you put on it