through the glass by Royan Descartes
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through the glass

February 6, 2019

so using an old phone booth, i asked my friend to place her hand on the glass.
50mm f1.4 @ 1.4

50mm · f/1.4 · 1/100s · ISO 1250
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Very cool!

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thank you very much kind sir

Also a good one. You certainly have your own style -- the images have a story-like feel to them, as if from a motion picture.

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thank you very much. it was raining on that day. it sucked but i didnt complain. neither did the model.w e just wanted to create

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This concept is sick and genius! Love how the hand is in focus and the coloring of the photo sets a dark mood.

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Thank you very kindly. i honestly didnt think of this until the last minute. I appreciate the feedback

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Well it works perfectly. It gives little bit of disconnect from the model which drags you in. And the scratches on the glass help set the mood so perfectly.