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Happiness is...

February 25, 2018

During a family hiking outing, I saw a downed tree across a creek that would make a perfect spot for a swing. My husband made a swing seat (with his minimal woodworking abilities!), and we planned our return trip. I used natural evening light and photographed the scene from the water.

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Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Great team work. The result is beautiful!

Tjasa Zavrsnik's picture

Just amazing the reflection and everything!

Simon blanc's picture

Fantastic shot :) may i ask how many lights you used apart from natural ? loving the subtle rim light from left, i feel like there's more to it but can;t pinpoint what :D sweet job on the wood work too i like the rustic feel!

Lilia Alvarado's picture

Hello and thank you for your question! No additional light set up, only natural.

Simon blanc's picture

Amazing ! well done thanks for the answer :)


Lilia, Your work is beautiful. You have a wonderful eye and excellent technique to express what you see.

Kirk Darling's picture

Outstanding in every way. Wish I'd taken that.

Robby MacGillivray's picture

Eye catching image - congrats!

Lilia Alvarado's picture

Many thanks for your feedback!

Enrique Segarra's picture

Fantastic! Simply amazing! Love it!

Joanna Mendes's picture

This looks absolutely magical!

Lilia Alvarado's picture

Thank you so much!

Kristen Mozaffari's picture

Truly magical. Everything about it is just perfect. Beautiful lighting and composition. Fabulous model with a great expression. So inspirational. It's really rare, IMHO, to see photos that are so technically beautiful and also make you feel something. Well done!

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Thank you so much for your kind feedback!

Nelson Jewell's picture

Now that's a well-told story. Simple, artistic, beautiful. Nicely done.

Mike Irving's picture

your work is sooo.. I JUST BOUGHT YOUR WHOLE BUNDLE!! nuff said!!

Lilia Alvarado's picture

Awe thank you so much for such a warm comment!


This is a beautiful photo and of the type I prefer. It is a genuine, captured moment. Sometimes the blank affect of a model or a packaged smile aimed at the camera is too commercial. This photo puts the viewers there. Awesome angle and the color is great.

Lilia Alvarado's picture

Appreciate your feedback!

Eno Gutierrez's picture

I Love this!

this is about as precious as it gets....her face and expression is all her so this has an incredibly nice candid real feel making it that much more precious

robin waslander's picture

excellent and amazing shot

Phil Cornwall's picture

Tremendous. Beautifully lit and executed shot.

Your gallery is fantabulous and excellent. I like all the shots with warm regards,

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