This photo represents the future; getting ready to move forward in space and time, facing the light. It also showcases the amazing architecture of current times. This location is the Royal Canadian Air Force Hall of tribute, so that we remember the past while moving ahead.

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udoye udo's picture

where is this

Marc-Olivier Jodoin's picture

Inside the Canadian Aviation and space museum in Ottawa :)

Ben Lockett's picture

Stunning shot, really well done!

Marc-Olivier Jodoin's picture

Thanks a lot, really appreciated :D

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Marc-Olivier Jodoin's picture

Thanks a lot! :)

Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

Nice use of the place ! And good that you included a human figure.

Marc-Olivier Jodoin's picture

Thanks! Adding a human figure was a must in this one, otherwise there woiuld be no meaning...

Tracy Webb's picture

Congrats what a awesome capture Marc : )

Marc-Olivier Jodoin's picture

Thank you!! :D

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Marc-Olivier Jodoin's picture

Thanks! Really appreciated

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Marc-Olivier Jodoin's picture

Thanks! :D

Kristen Mozaffari's picture

The ceiling reminds me of an aperture. Lol I love your composition and balance. It creates a sense of awe and wonder.

Paolo Tangari's picture

Great location and good shot!