Jaime Ibarra's picture

Windmills and the Willow

Canon 5D
52mm · f/3.5 · 1/1000s · ISO 200
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Great tones and dramatic lighting!

Thank you :)

Tone is very good. Thumbs up Jaime.

Thanks :)

Wow, this looks amaing

Thanks :)

I love this photo. But the crop on her bothers me a little bit. I feel like we should see her completely, or the crop should be even lower. Awesome shot though!

I do not agree, but you are entitled to your opinion, of course. And thank you :)

There's a lot to like here, but I'm intrigued to know who this person is, and why her head's cut off? It's a bold decision and I feel some explanation might help.

Some of the best stories leave "holes" in the narrative, inviting viewers to "fill in the blanks" as they wish ;)

Agree with you and Martin, it's a bold decision, one am not sure I can make but it's what makes it compelling. Great shot.

Without a doubt...my favorite image in your portfolio.

Thank you very much :)

Love the feel. Great coloring!

Thanks :)

Great framing!
The viewer gets interested because he think there is missing something (of course the head), but that effects that the viewer is stopping and wants to see everything :)

Gives the same feel that you get out of a good memory. Nice!

A lot to like in this picture; The warm lighting, the dress, the landscape, even the composition. I understand that you have thought carefully about the point of leaving her head outside of the frame, but even so I would have liked to see her head.


Love it!

Amazing light and imagery! You created such a rich mood, very dramatic scene!

fantastic! i love everything in it!

Spectacular. One of my favorits in here!

Masterly done Mr Ibarra !!