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Weekly burger by Thomas Masotti

One of the many burgers that i love in a small restaurant near my city the "Downtown Burger" in Switzerland. I Always wanted to make those "layers" picture of a burger and when i found out how good they were i couldn't help it and discuss with the manager what he thought of it. I loved the idea so there it is !

I shot each layer of food alone with the chef. The chef just put them on a spatula and i ask him in which angle i wanted the ingredient to be. Of course, we didn't take only one angle of each ingredient. I just needed later to select the ingredient afterward in photoshop and i recreated all the shadows at sight, just i imagined how they would have been if the shot would have been made in one take. The orange background is there because one of the color of the restaurant is this bright orange.

Every time i look at it i'm really hungry for a burger !!

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Nice one!!!

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Excellent technique!

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Amazing composition. Nice work!

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Excellent image!

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