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All Along the Watch Tower

I've tried shooting the Milkyway at Pigeon Point in the past with little success. This past year, I did some more research and scouted beforehand with the Photopills app and a little more knowledge and tried again. I arrived for sunset and waited for the right time. As I started getting darker, I noticed that as people would drive to this location from the main road, their headlights would light up the lighthouse really well. I timed my shot so that I was able to capture the lighthouse perfectly lit. Once back home, I processed the raw file in Adobe Photoshop CC.
Canon 5D IV | ISO-3200 | 10 Sec expo | Rokinon 35mm 1.4 | RRS TVC-33 | BH55 Ballhead

Canon 5D Mark IV
10s · ISO 3200
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