Male Phidippus Whitmani by Andres Moline
Andres Moline's picture

Male Phidippus Whitmani

April 5, 2018

stacked image,
canon MP-E 65mm at 5X, burst mode using godox power pack to assist the MT24ex

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Jonatan Banista's picture

es increible el detalle, me encanta

Andres Moline's picture

muchas gracias Jonatan!

Mark Duffy's picture

Is this focus stacked and if not, what aperture were shooting at. Just came across your page. If only Ireland had interesting insects to photograph I could at least fail at trying this lol

Andres Moline's picture

lol it is focus stacked F5.6 at 5X. We have beautiful jumpers here in the US, Im sure you can find some interesting bugs in the summer time!

user-156929's picture

Very nice!

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

Here's the little fellow from macro CTC. Gorgeous capture and processing, Andres. Top notch work! :)

Andres Moline's picture

Many thanks Andrzej :)