Phidippus texanus female by Andres Moline
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Phidippus texanus female

May 1, 2018

40 images hand held stack, F9 1/250 Diffused Mt-24Ex at 1/4 power. render in Zerene Dmax and Pmax and blended in PS.
Alive specimen
Photographing arthropods can be quite difficult, specially when trying to get multiple shots without the subject moving. A good way to increase your chances is by photographing them at night, most jumper spiders are not nocturnal so they can be found resting early in The morning before sunrise or right after the blue hour increasing your chances to get good stacks

65mm · f/9.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Randy Williams's picture

Stunning photo. Love the composition and colors.

David Nutting's picture

Thanks for the pointers on how to get the multiple images for stacks. Stunning image!!

Andres Moline's picture

Thank you David!

Mike Rust's picture

I knew it wouldn't be easy....