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Kyle Rynicki

This is a portrait of filmmaker and friend, Kyle Rynicki. I chose to make it a focus on duality. Those who know him, see a bright, energetic and positive man but if you ever get a chance to read one of his screenplays you would see a twisted and fascinating dark side. A 3 light setup. A medium sized deep octa was the key light. I flagged the same side that the light was coming from with a small black board to create that nice contouring shadow on the right side of the image. A gridded beauty dish with a 1/4 CTO acted as the rim light/flare, motivated from the sunlit kitchen behind him. To get a little color contrast and seperate him from the background I added a continuous light panel with a blue gel to the back right. Last but not least, a thin layer of haze to create a bit of atmosphere.

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