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The Ipad, The Imp & The Wardrobe

This was an impromptu shot of my 2 year old niece. She loves sitting in my wardrobe whenever she visits. Normally this is where my camera bag lives but, Amelia insists I remove it so she can sit inside and watch her shows on the iPad.

On this occasion she had been sat in there for about 25 minutes and so I thought I'd attempt a candid portrait whilst she was engrossed, using the iPad as the light source. I grabbed the D800 and put my trusty old 50mm f/1.8D on, stopping the lens down to f/2.2 to sharpen it up a bit. I stabilized the camera on a cardboard box as I didn't have my tripod to hand. I slowly opened the door without distracting her and fired off about 6 shots before Amelia became aware of my presence.

I love the seclusion. The idea of her enjoying her own personal space at such a young age and how she is lost in her own little world.

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the concept is real nice, but I think it looks a little unsharp and the green tint as well as the lack of real whites is kind of strang imo :)