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Lagoon, Dark Horse and Rho Ophiuchi

shot from very dark Bortle 2 skies, this is 8 x 60s with Canon 6D and nifty fifty at f/4 ISO 1600. Stacked in Astro Pixel Processor and finished in PS CC.

Canon 6D
50mm · f/4 · 8 x 60s · ISO 1600
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Latest revision and higher resolution here: https://www.astrobin.com/full/350708/G/

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You're obviously using a tracker for shots like this. I was wondering which one are you're using. Im looking at getting one soon. This shot tured out great.

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I had a large refractor telescope on a $2000 EQ mount that night and after letting a bunch of people look at the planets and Omega Centauri, I quickly attached my 6D ontop of the scope with a clamp. This was 8 x 60s stacked, no darks etc.

You can get good results without an equatorial mount but need #1 excellent skies, and a really fast lens. I use a Rokinon 24 Cine T1.5 and have had some great shots without tracking.

Look at my most recent two shots here:


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Instead of a Star adventurer or Skyguider, I use an ioptron CEM25p with DSLR + lens or small refractor. Much more capable mount for $300 more. The mount head is only 10lb and can hold a 25lb scope with goto, plate solving, etc.