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Ceremonial pipe

July 22, 2018

A mountain in the Dolomites, Italy, dressed in the late summer colours.

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I like it. Ther's always the temptation to crank up the saturation. Glad you didn't do it :). The image has a velvet feeling to it.

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Thank you for pointing it out John. I usually compare saturation to salt in cuisine, a touch is sometimes enough! :)

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beautiful dodge and burning to create more texture

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I did some dodge and burn, my aim was to re-create depth and emphasize the direction of the light.

Michael Moon's picture

Absolutely gorgeous!

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Thank you Michael!

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Absolutely beautiful! I'm tempted to say I would've liked to see a tiny bit more contrast, but like you pointed out, it's a personal preference similar to salt :) Well done!

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Yeah that's definitly a personal choice. For the past year, I worked a lot find and get the look I had in mind. I made a long 500px/facebook pause, not to be influenced or to try to please someone other than me.
Now that I started on fstoppers, I see the big "gap" between my pictures and the other ones in terms of contrast and saturation, but now I'm stuck with my own style :)

When I review photos, I am also tempted to say "it would have been so much better with a touch of this or this", but now I try to make the difference between objective and subjective feedback. I won't go in the details, but to summerize now I judge mainly by two things: emotional impact (personal and subjective, eventhough we are all humans with similar feelings) and the quality of the work (objective), I try not to take a personal style that is not mine in account.

Thank you for your comment by the way :)

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EPIC shot ! Like it a lot, leave it as it is ....

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Thanks Mario! It was an epic moment to witness it!

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Passo di Giau, by the way