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Bending Colors

Visiting Austria during the summer, I normally don't bring my camera, and I actually went to shoot video, because the wether was grey and flat.

But after a few minutes of being here, the sun hit the mountains, and the rainbows appeared, and a few minutes later, it rained, and every thing was boring and flat again

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Waaaattt ! Is thar rainbow real ? Amazing atmoshere.

Indeed it is.. And I'm quite aware that I'm never going to experience this again..

There is even a hint of a second rainbow, but it was impossible to bring that out more.

It's a very nice picture, and I hate that modern tools make me (maybe all of us) wonder which is fake and which is real.

Daaaaaaaamn what a moment. Glad you were there to capture it. Good work my dude. Yeeeaaahh you gotta print that one man.

What a great shot. You were at the right place at the right time!
Chapeau man!

Wow ! Great timing and of course perfect execution !

Great execution, the rocks at the foreground add an extra bit of framing that makes this photo pop even more!

Unreal scene. So many things lined up