Santorini - Oia Aerial by Jean Claude Castor
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Santorini - Oia Aerial

October 24, 2018

"Never have I seen a photo of Oia in my life" said no photographer ever...I bet most of us know of those famous views in Oia with its iconic white houses, the blueish rooftops, the picturesque churches and bell towers of that hotspot in the aegean sea. But have you already seen it from above? That's just one way to escape those crowds on the ground, standing in line to get a quick instagram snapshot or fighting their way through the narrow streets to get one of the last sunset spots...

10.26mm · f/6.3 · 1/400s · ISO 100
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Julio Guadarrama's picture

Nice perspective of a well-known place!

Jean Claude Castor's picture

thanks julio !

Kieran Stone's picture

I'm surprised I haven't seen this perspective before. You've captured it well

Jean Claude Castor's picture

thanks kieran... glad you like it. they recently turned santorini in a no fly area. guess thats why :/

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

superb shot