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Iceland - Go With The Flow

One of the personal highlights of the Iceland trip was of course the volcanic eruption. Even if it was just a lucky coincidence, the event was the crowning glory of the trip. I have followed the eruption almost every day since the beginning of the eruption on webcams and live feeds and one can only be amazed at how much the area has changed. I spoke to other photographers on site who were there the day before and said that the two front craters in the picture had not yet been there at that time. Absolute madness. This of course also creates new challenges, both for all the people who guarantee a safe visit to the eruption site (fire brigade, geologists, volunteers, paramedics etc etc ...), and for tourists and photographers themselves quite challenging to find a perspective that now does justice to the location, because the craters are increasingly distributed along a long line. The first two main craters are only cut away on the far right of the picture. To make matters worse, there were really a lot of FPVs, drones, helicopters and planes in the air. Quite confusing. Since I didn't want to melt down my drone like Gollum wanted to collide with himself and the one ring, or with other UAVs, I didn't dare to go above a certain height ^^ PS: Of course, a sensor still decomposed ...

Hasselblad L1D-20c
10.3mm · f/5.6 · 1/10s · ISO 100
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simplemente brutal, tiene que ser una experiencia unica vivir eso

excellent scene!!!

simple epic wow!!

woooowww , epic scene