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Oman - Jebel Shams

Wonderful sunset colours over the Grand Canyon of the Middle East. Oman was such a stunning place to travel...

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amazing view -love the textures congrats !

thanks a lot hanaa :) glad you like it !

Great compo!!

gracias my friend !

Nice shot Jean. Great work

thank you my friend

Many landscape pictures bore me nowadays, as they usually show the same place all over again and one is cheesier than the other. But this here, is unique, new and not cheesy at all. Love the white lines in the stone.

thank you so much matthias. this is what i am trying to go for ! i am bored too of the ever repeating images. oman was the perfect fit ! but you know what? people always go for what they know, they usually don't like new motives as much...but i dont care anymore :) i am doing what i like and love

Love the color !

thanks so much mate !

Lush pic.

Superb !

This is a great image, I gave it a top rating.