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Smile, you're on camera

This is the lovely Shiva, a one year old Rottweiler with an amazing smile.

24.9mm · f/10.0 · 1/1000s · ISO 400
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Woah, thank you for the Editor's pick!!

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Amazingly managed high-key Elke, your work is a real inspiration and motivation. I'm starting to invest into some home studio stuff to shoot my Shiba Inu, Hachiko ;-)

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Thank you very much. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your Hachiko.

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This might be my favorite portrait shot. The expression is perfect and captures the essence of dogs.

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Thank you very much!!

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Great! Almost perfectly symmetrical ;)

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I love this so much.

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Fantastic picture.

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Thank you!

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WOW love the symmetry and expression. This brings joy.

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Thank you!

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Always love an image that will always put a smile on your face, especially when you've just woken up grumpy. Many thanks for cheering me up

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You are welcome. And thanks for the feedback.

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What a happy portrait :D