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The magic of the anticipation...

-Avianna, don't forget to wake me up, okay?
-Of course, I'll nudge you when Santa comes.
-And when he's here, I want to ask him about his beard and drink the milk with him and he'll give me presents and we'll have fun and...
-Shhh, quiet, Willa, mum will hear us and send us to the bedroom. Sleep now, I'll keep watch.

Anticipation...Christmas music, tree decoration, maybe even snow... "I can't wait for Christmas“ – you say with a smile. Overcome by a tingling sensation, frustrated that you have a couple of days more left until Christmas, until celebration, until presents...but, you're happy.

Impatience...Goosebumps... Waiting for the most cheerful day of the year... But what if it came at once, unannounced and as a surprise? Would the feeling be the same? Picture it! Picture a Christmas that you hadn't seen coming? How does it feel?

Canon 5D Mark IV
50mm · f/4.5 · 1/500s · ISO 1250
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Beautiful. So sweet. :)

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Thank you so much, Phil!