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Mating Mandarinfish

Mandarinfish stay hidden away beneath their coral rubble homes during the day but at dusk, they become active and mate. The male (the larger of the two) has a harem of females and mates once with each of them.

When the time is right, the pair rises just a few inches above the corals and simultaneously release eggs and sperm into the water column.

To capture this image, I had to wait for this pair to begin rising and then get low so that the background had no corals in it.

Nikon D850
105 · f/36 · 1/250s · ISO 800
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I love Mandarin. They were my favorites in my saltwater aquarium, beautiful and not "flighty". You've captured the colors very well!

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Thanks, Robert! Back in the day, I had a reef aquarium and put a mandarin fish in there. It was eaten by a coral banded shrimp within 5 minutes. Expensive lesson!

Deleted Account's picture

Stunning image, Andy,

Andy Deitsch's picture

Thank you, William

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Absolutely amazing!

Andy Deitsch's picture

Thanks so much

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Great image. Sams Tours in Palau have them on the house reef and visible during the day. Great capture and colours.