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This is Casper, a nuisance alligator that now lives in a pond at Everglades Outpost in Homestead, Florida. Casper is not a tame alligator, he is wild but this is a controlled environment (clean water, an alligator handler on hand etc.). I captured this image but holding my breath and dropping to the bottom of the pond as Chris Gillette coaxed Casper to swim over me.

Nikon D850
15mm · f/11 · 1/125s · ISO 320
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I'm guessing the water wasn't so clear at the point of capture (urine yellow)! ;-)

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It was actually very clear. There was a full water change done in the pond the night before the shoot.

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I meant to imply you pissed when Casper got that close. I'm afraid I would have done! :-)

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haha. I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first but after a while it was fine. We actually split it up so I had two 20 minute sessions with time in between to review shots and figure out what I wanted to adjust. The second 20 minutes were much more productive and I was totally relaxed.

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BTW, Very awesome photos!

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thanks! Much appreciated.

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Wow, what a shot! I have to admit, there are so many images on fstoppers that make me say to myself, "Self, I really want to go there and do that." This, however, is not one of those images. lol!

Excellent work!

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Haha. Thanks for the nice words.

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I agree with Mark. I do not care to do this type of photography as well.....lol

Awesome photo!

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my heart would be beating out of my chest in fear as this happened.