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Walkway to Light

This photo was taken during a trip to Lofoten Islands in March 2017. In the morning we were able see that the forecast for that night was very optimistic talking about Auroras, so we decided to visit some places we had marked in our travel map.

We went out of home very early in the afternoon because the first place we wanted to visit was a point from which we would be able to see incredible views from Reine. When the sun went down a green tone appeared in the sky. It was the beginning of the party. We were able take some beautiful photos of the place and then we came back to Reine.

While my friends decided to take some photos from a place very close to a parking near Reine, I decided to go to the point where this photo was taken from. I had seen some incredible photos before of this place shot by great photographers, but I wanted to take mine.

This photo is a panoramic one formed by 5 photos. I remember that when I came to this place the moon was still hidden behind the mountain, but when I started to take the photos, it decided to appear (maybe it didn't want to miss the photo :-)). You can imagine that when I was looking at the screen of my camera, watching that I was capturing what my eyes were seeing, I lived an incredible moment. I'm pretty sure that I will never forget that night.

Canon 6D
16 · f/2.8 · 2.5 · ISO 3200
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Stephen Pritt's picture

That is beautiful.

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Thank you very much, Stephen!

Chris Silvis's picture

This actually swept me away to another time and place. Thank you for helping me on my journey.

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I am very happy to have participated in the creation of this journey

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Spectacular shot Tomas. My wife and I were also in Lofoten and absolutely loved it. Where was this taken if you don't mind me asking ?

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Thank you, Kevin! Of course I don't mind. It was taken in Reine. If you, ve been there, you will remember that Reine is a small village and you can find this plance near the road to go from Reine to Hamnøy.

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Breath Taken..

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Thank you very much, Cagomoc!

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Wow, beautiful shot.

Tomás Sánchez's picture

Thank you very much, Dan!!

Jim Isaac's picture

GREAT! Are images on Adobe Stock?

Tomás Sánchez's picture

Thank you, Jim! No, sorry, they are not on Adobe Stock

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Gorgeous! Like from another world really.

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Thank you, Douglas! I'm glad you see it like that!

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Absolutely stunning photo! Great job! I must ask though, are the image details accurate? f/2.8 should give a much shallower depth of field. Or do you mean the 5 photos were photo stacked?

Tomás Sánchez's picture

Thank you very much Gerald! I am glad you like the photo! Regarding what you ask about, the 5 photos are 5 different ones in order to get a panoramic photo. I did not use focus stacking, or similar. Actually f/2.8 can provide a large depth of field if you focus on the correct point, for example, the hyperfocal distance. If you focus on the hyperfocal distance, which in a 6D with a 16 mm lens is approximately 2.7 m, it can give you a good sharpness from 1.4 m to infinity. Thank you very much for your comment

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Wow - awesome picture! Did you use a nodal gimbal/slide for the panoramic shot? If so, which one?

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Thank you, Mark! Well, I did not use any nodal gimbal or slide to take this picture.

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Thank you very much, Stephen!

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Top notch

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Thank you very much, Gert!