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robert bates's picture

Gorgeous, great model vert moody lighting..

Joey Wright's picture

Thanks Robert!

Duane Hatton's picture

This is beautiful, not just the model but the use of natural light composition and depth of field. Very nice

Steve Vlahos's picture

You captured the essence of a woman.

darshan kshatriya's picture

superb shot joey love it

Apostolos Kristallidis's picture

Great capture!

Peter Worcester's picture

Beautiful shot, love the backgroud and water.
I have to ask, the super crisp focus on the model and then almost immediate, a couple of feet behind her, transition to blur (bokeh), was it shot that way or did you add to it post?
(New here, not sure if that's kosher to ask or not)
I'd love to know for my own curiosity's sake.
Regardless, great great photo.