Tia McDonald by Joey Wright
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Struggling with wardrobe. Feels like she was supposed to go to the corner store but blinked and got here. What to do but try on hats from a beach vendor?? Daisy Dukes would have been better.

I love this kind of comments, there is never a good photo on the internet...

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Word... I haven't seen a good photo on the internet yet; I thought I did, once. I'm struggling with her necklace being a 9mm casing. It's like, "was she on her way to put in some work for a gang initiation, but then she blinked, and just wound up at the beach", or what?

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So sad some people have no clue about anything lol.

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Actually there is merit in the critique. There is a lack of styling on this shot. This is neither a fashion shot nor a swimsuit shot. Even going with the wardrobe included, the wrinkles in the suit below the bust is a fail. None of my fashion clients would accept this level of styling for a final shot, especially considering it would have been an easy fix on set.

I really like the shot. It's cropped a bit tight for me but other than that it looks great. Beautiful model also. Nice work.