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January 5, 2019

When I have time I like to do something different from my usual photos and have a lot of fun.
Long exposure concept- surreal composite as a riddle for the viewer.

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A truly well named (and amazing) shot. You have to explain how you did this! I'm intrigued.

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Thanks a lot!
The essence of the idea is to combine the light trails created by two LE photos from the same spot without moving the tripod. One photo flips horizontally and blends vertically in the mirror style. So saved photo has remained on hard disc for almost a year until I decided what to put in the background, must to match the perspective, distance, lighting, sharpness, etc.
The sky is similar exposure duration as light trails photo, and the position of the sun and the timing was nominated skyline from Dubai.
Of course all three photos are required to be of high quality and with some adjustments here we have some convincing and unique result.

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Well I'm going to repeat myself here, with emphasis (lol) . . . AMAZING shot! Very well executed!

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Really well done!!

Abdelmalek Bensetti's picture

I liked everything about the shot. Amazing work!

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Absolutely stunning!

Andrew Weiss's picture

excellent work!

Aaron Aaron's picture

Truly a masterpiece!!! My most favorite metropolitan shot on the site!!!

Konstantinos Vampertsis's picture

Beautiful image!