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January 9, 2019

I took this photo in HK last year while traveling. The immense structures that house so many people give a glimpse of the compact nature of HK's living conditions.

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This is absolutely amazing!

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Thank you so much!!

It is a very nice picture but as has been discussed on other forums, was obtained illegally and unsafely.

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Brett Easton - I'm interested to know the legalities of this image. Could you please explain? IMO - great shot and even better with a 90 degree rotation counter clockwise

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Such fun leading lines. Awesome perspective

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Very unique perspective!

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Is it legal to fly a drone in Hong Kong..?

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most likely not. Notice the text from Brett above:

"It is a very nice picture but as has been discussed on other forums, was obtained illegally and unsafely."

Amazing- love the red to the right and green hue on the left.

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There are currently no drone laws in Hong Kong except that you can't fly near the airport, in Victoria Harbor or above the prison. Only drones that weigh above 7kg need to be registered. There are guidelines that advise pilots to stay 50m away from buildings, people and vehicles but as of now, they're merely guidelines.

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Wow, happily confused first =) So great picture.

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amazing! did you take it from a helicopter?

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Thank you! No, it was a drone shot.

Amazing picture, congrats

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Awesome photo for sure but why is everyone complaining about it being shot illegally? Haven't we all "jumped that small fence" or "crossed that property line" at least once for that awesome shot we wanted? We aren't police, especially HK police so why not just enjoy the damn photo and not worry about how he got it.

Again ,awesome shot man! The lines are perfect!

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This is it Andrew. Thank you for standing up :)