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Star Wars Tamashii Nations.
I'm really enjoying working with this figures.
It was shot at my studio making practical effects on camera... The mini fogger comes really handy!... Making the dioramas for this ones it's also very enjoyable. Multiple shots for the final image. Hope you like it... I still have 2 more figures to work with.

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Fully awesome as always Felix - top draw stuff

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Hey Philip, thank you mate!... I always enjoy creating these images and sharing part of the process in doing so.

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Felix, your work is criminally underrated. Another incredibly well-executed image.

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Thank you so much for your words mate, and thank you for all your support through these years!... I see my work as a personal way to express my self... Step by step I have "achieve" some recognition... but for me, that comes in second place... What really matters to me is to create my own vision, my own world no matter what. If recognition comes with it, then I'm thankful, if not, I don't worry so much!... and again... Thanks mate!

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Thanks Blake!!!

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Thanks man!

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A pleasure to view your work as always Felix

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Thanks Stuart!

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Brilliant - very inspiring

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Love your dioramas and photography! Wonderful work!

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Wow..Awesome looking photo and nice to see those making of photos, like it.

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Absolute Creator!