The only way is Up! by Wouter Noerens
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The only way is Up!

Got this idea by talking with some friends and after letting it hang around for a while we just crossed a date in the calendar, had an amazing fun sunday afternoon at my place (after rearranging the entire living room and turning it into a DIY photo studio). I shot everything tethered in front of a green screen. After shooting the first round of pictures I took them into photoshop to make the initial rough composite, we ended up reshooting some pics to acquire a better pose. After that I took them into Photoshop once more to add the background, balloons, animals, ...

I only used 1 large softbox to mimic the sky and 2 softboxes to fill in some shadows. I changed the angle of the camera (on tripod) to follow the natural perspective.

I think this composite will make me try some more crazy ideas in the future, I learned so much just from this one shoot, I like watching BTS and tuts but the real life, hands on action gives me that extra boost, gets me stoked and teaches me so much more!

My tip for those of you thinking about doing something similar is just: Get up and do it!

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Canon 1Dx
25mm · f/8 · 1/200
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awesome idea and execution! also congrats on the phlearn mention

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Thanks Pat. I learned so much from Phlearn so it's the least I could do ;)