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Shooting in gyms comes with it’s challenges. I’ll tell ya a story about this image.
I showed up to this shoot with all my gear, (which could be viewed as a lot!) and my assistant and videographer. The gym wasn’t aware of how much of a production came along with me. Soooo instead of not allowing us to shoot, they instead, so kindly compromised and said I could use one light. ONE.
But but... how?! Me use one light? I took it as a challenge and we proceeded with our shoot!
I still wanted to add color to some of the images (gotta get my color fix!) so this is how it ended up. One strobe light and the rest window and ambient light.
Light with orange gel is a Paul C. Buff Einstein strobe and 7-inch reflector.

50mm · f/4.0 · 1/200s
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