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Luis and his abs on red.
This was a 5 light setup usig Paul C. Buff lights and modifiers. Main light is a beauty dish high up above me pointed down towards him. 2 edge lights with 7 inch reflectors and red gels. One hair light with barndoors. One fill light below pointing upward with a softbox. Mist in background is done with a spray bottle. Shot on a red background.

85mm · f/9.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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Noah Stephens's picture

Nice use of color. Love the post processing too

Audra Oden's picture

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Griffith Bowen's picture

Not bad at all. Think personally, maybe one side of his face should have the red, but that's personally, look at my profile, I aint a pro lol. One thing I can see is the light on his head, bare flash or a missed edit? Love the work on your profile by the way, especially that guy with the Weight Ropes in the air, epic photo.

Audra Oden's picture

Thanks for your input! I tend to stick with even edge lights and colors. I think I've tried to do the one side but something felt off to me. Sometimes it works though. The light on his head is from the hair light above. It's just a highlight on his hair. I didn't even think about retouching it out. Thanks for the kind words about my work!

Griffith Bowen's picture

I personally love it, especially all your other work. A level I am not at yet, but hopefully with enough work and practise I will. So these are very motivational to me.

Audra Oden's picture

It really is all about practice! So yes you will get there! Thanks again for your comments :)

lijo joy's picture

great shot Audra, like the gels and mist use

Audra Oden's picture

Thank you so much!!

Daniel Rodriguez's picture

Well done. I miss getting creative with studio strobes. This makes me want to break them out again. Once again, fantastic work!