Justin by Audra Oden
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July 26, 2019

2 Lights, one strobe and one continuous light. I used the modeling light on my Paul C. Buff Digibee with a blue gel over the 7-inch reflector. The strobe light was an Einstein with the PLM Silver Umbrella and diffusion cover. I had a teal gel taped inside the umbrella over the 7 inch reflector that holds it.
I kept the shutter open as he moved from the continuous light to the strobe, and then popped the strobe at the end, capturing the motion and freezing it at the end to get a crisp image. There is minimal post-processing other than brightening the motion blur and adding contrast.

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This picture is amazing!!! Well done!

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Outstanding image and technique. Thank you for taking the time to teach us how you got this shot.

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I love this. Great use of the technique. I've been experimenting with similar techniques at local band shows but with much more abstract results being at the mercy of available lighting and wherever I can find a spot for my flash. Been wanting to try it in a more controlled environment like this. This is beautiful.