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Lisa and the bad news

This was shot for another entry in my contemporary Vermeer series. The idea for the series is how the loss of our analog world has really transformed some core experiences that humans have experienced for millennia. It might be interesting to juxtapose a modern day depiction of the same experience of receiving bad news. Which now days would happen on a screen, and in a much less dramatic setting.

Lisa (@lisaelizabethgold model, styling & mua) knocked it out of the park with the styling. And Stephanie (@stephaniecraig_hair) is a wizard with these updo's. Couldn't be more thankful for both of their help on this shoot. Graham (@out.forever) let us shoot in his beautifully analog home.

Sony A7ii, Sony 35mm + Anamorphot @ f5.6

More at http://agroism.com

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Man, I really love how you're going beyond mere aesthetics to incorporate storytelling in your images. The whole port is great.

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For my actual “work” images, I hope to deliver a reason to look at the image. Or to leave a viewer taking something of their own making away with them. In general I consider an image a success of people tell me what that image is about.

All the other photos that I take are jest exercise, and scouting. But they’re also fun to do in their own right. I just don’t expect them to mean anything.