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Sunrise among giants

Kamchatka is a pristine place full of nature, wildlife and beauty. This sunrise was one of the best experiences I have ever had in the field.
A sea of clouds rolled over the giant volcanoes creating an otherworldly scene that will be difficult to forget.

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Majestic photo!

Thanks very much Radisa! ;)

Wow! Magical shot.

Thanks dude!!

nice one! ;-)

Thanks Raymond! It was an unforgettable moment ;)

Great shot! I love being above the clouds :-)... the only thing missing for a 5 would be a different edit on the top half...maybe more detail/contrast in the mountain?

Thanks Donald! Being above clouds is an unforgettable experience! Didn't want to add more contrast to the main volcano as my intention was to create greater depth. Thanks for your comment and sharing your view ;)

Very Lush

Thanks Chris!

Nice atmosphere. Love the rolling clouds.

What is the name of the mountain?? Btw, this picture is INCREDIBLE!

It's called Udina Volcano, just type the name on google news and you'll find plenty of interesting stories about this volcano ;)