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A fantasy world

When I saw this canyon in pictures for the first time, I felt a strong bond to see it with my own eyes.

I believed It didn't exist, as if it was a drawing taken from a fantasy book more than a real place, and once I could visit it I can say there are no words to describe the feeling of facing such a fascinating work of art; It's in those moments when you realize how everything is perfectly created, shaped and destroyed by nature.

Sadly the place is extremely fragile, one of the reasons why I won't disclose the location or take any workshop group there. All the soil on the trail and the main view is covered by a very delicate moss, that once you step takes decades to grow again.

If you do your own research and visit this place, please be mindful, follow the narrow trail, and don't disturb the gulls that peacefully nest and live there far from the crowds

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Un paisaje acojonante, amigo. Me alegro que lo disfrutaras y veo que de qué manera. Un Abrazo

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Muchas gracias Nacho! fue una maravilla poder disfrutar de ese paisaje!!

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amazing place... I've bin there and it's probably the most beautiful scene I have ever seen!
(I didn't had snow on the peak!)

amazing work! :D


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Thanks Freek! I agree, it's also one of the most incredible places I've ever laid my eyes on. Glad to see you were also "touched" by its beauty and magic!

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Well done! This is a fantastic image.

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Thanks David!!

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Thanks Charles! It was nature in all its splendor!

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Cómo es posible que esto exista. Madre mía!!.