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Stranded Part 2

Chris and I have been planning these shots for several months now. First he got a haircut which postponed the shoot date. Then the super bloom happened. And then the super bloom happened - again. So we changed locations, and picked a date after what is supposed to be the last rainfall in California for the decade. I picked up the anamorphic adapter from my amigo Johnny the night before. And Chris and I headed out to get some cinematic stills for an up coming project we’re building.

More at http://agroism.com

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This one is my favorite shot from this shoot. Keeps you thinking about all the possible scenarios how he ended up in this situation. Reminds me of Breaking Bad. Great work!

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I agree with this image being the strongest. I feel so strongly about it that I’d rather drop the other two altogether, but some folks have impress on me how much the two others are really impactful to them, and who am I to argue.

But I feel like this one tells the whole story, and leaves enough mystery to make the story your own.

Thanks for the compliments Teemu. I’ve seen your images before through this site and have appreciated a few myself. The narrative photographer club is a very small one, so respect has to be paid whenever we spot a fellow story teller.