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Stranded Part 1

Chris and I have been planning these shots for several months now. First he got a haircut which postponed the shoot date. Then the super bloom happened. And then the super bloom happened - again. So we changed locations, and picked a date after what is supposed to be the last rainfall in California for the decade. I picked up the anamorphic adapter from my amigo Johnny the night before. And Chris and I headed out to get some cinematic stills for an up coming project we’re building.

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soo good!!!!

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loooooove this.

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Congratulations Chase! Well deserved!

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Thanks Ruth.

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Great... I would love to see these in black and white with a little "noire" effect.

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I never really consider black and white. But that’s a good idea.

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Good post indeed. Braking bad all over again

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This photo is epic!

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The setting reminds me the spaghetti western, very nice look

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It's funny you mention that. Because when I was developing the concept, I was in my mind ripping off wholesale No Country for Old Men. Which is similarly styled after the Sergio Leone movies.

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Most Photos of the Day focus on falsifying reality. Yours may a little as well, but at least it strives not to.

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Epic shot, what lighting did you use? Or is this all natural?

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For this shot, I was counting on the terrain doing a majority of the fill that I wanted. I knew i'd be at a dry lake bed - so I could count on a lot of fill.

I added one 4*6' GAF board reflector to the left of the talent. Primarily to get some fill highlight's and stronger contrast in the shadow's.

But it was pretty much ambient with a single reflector.

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This photo reminds me of a show “ breaking bad”. Love it! Well done.