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Death of Analog - Kate in wait

This was supposed to be a simple shoot. When I go on trips for work, I try to multi-task and get some photos, or scout models and locations while traveling. I reached out to Katie and she was so pumped about shooting, that what would have otherwise been a boring throw away set, turned into a mini-production and addition to my death of analog series.

More at http://agroism.com

Photographer: Chase Wilson @jiggliemon
Model: Katie Lake @kindamayb3
Location: Monte Carlo Suite at the Manoco Hotel, Denver

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I love what you did with this photo. The way you color-corrected this is awesome. Color correction has always been one of my weaknesses. I have this weird block most of the time where I feel like everything has to be balanced to neutral white and leave me feeling bored with my photos. Nice work!