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The Unfortunate

The main thing I can say about this photo is that it was a production. Scheduling four models and a car, unpaid, in an unpermitted private road was only the start.

The plan was to build up all the elements to lead the viewer into making their own story up. I wanted the audience to develop their own conclusions, and perhaps keep coming back for more.

I’m making a video on how this was all put together, so for the whole story you’ll have to wait. But for now I need to thank the crew.

Female Model: Brookelynn Elizabeth @brookelynnelizabeth_
Man at the car: Alan Dawber @alanmichaeldawber
Man with Shovel: James Lappine@go_pack_go51
Dead Guy: Garret Gorel @garretgoerlvisuals
Truck: James Lappine @go_pack_go51
Key Grip: Brian Wiliamson @brianpaulportraits
Assistant: Ashley Rae @ash.weiwei
Assistant Producer: Garret Goerl @garretgoerlvisuals
Assistant Producer: Brian Wiliamson @brianpaulportraits
Retouching/Color: Matt Brewin @iamaretoucher

More at http://agroism.com

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The lighting in phenomenal. The light in the back, as if a car is coming is a nice added touch. I am in love with all the lighting!

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Excellent as always! Exceptional!!!

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Thanks Lynne. Your kind words are much appreciated.

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wow ! This is so perfect !

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Great work, we all need more of this and less of pictures which are „just“ nice.

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Thanks Michael. It’s nice when an image hits with people.

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It’s because you put so much effort and thoughts in it, it really pays off in the end. Your portfolio is a great inspiration for me in terms of story telling and overall look and feel. I would say focus on that because everone can make pictrues of beautiful women right?

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