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Mary Tomlinson at Lake Los Angeles

This is the first shoot I did with Mary out in the high desert of Lake Los Angeles back in June 2016. We've since gone on to become good friends and creative partners. This was a rare shoot where I didn't have any plan going into it. Mary was also a rookie - with a couple shoots under her belt (mostly with friends), but dreams of becoming an actress.

Mary's now an actress working in San Francisco writing/producing her first short film. This woman’s got charisma.

Yes this is an ad for Mary.

Model: Mary Tomlinson @maryfaithtomlinson
Photog Me @jiggliemon


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There is something that is really outstanding to me in this picture. Its great.

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Good one.

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Nice photo. I assume since you were friends, that she had input on what look she was wanting to accomplish with this headshot.