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Dean was our tour guide at a recent museum visit. With a face so richly etched with the character of time, Dean certainly complemented the antiquities on display.

Thanks for being so obliging Dean!

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Elizabeth Yorick's picture

Excellent, Alan! I love his eyes. You can almost see all the knowledge he's acquired. I'm sure he'd have great stories to tell. I just wish his hat was just a bit higher so I could see both eye's equally.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Elizabeth, I hear you on that. This was not staged so unfortunately I had to grab what I could in the few seconds afforded me.

Joe Scalise's picture

Wow, how did I miss this one? This guy has a roadmap of detail from beard to face, nice capture. Nice that he was an easy going chap.

Good eye Alan, great capture.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Joe. Your kind words are much appreciated.