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May 20, 2019

The bridge to Prince Edward Island is as impressive as it is long. This is the off-ramp area, that looks like a trident.

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Jeff Walsh's picture

Killer shot, holy crap. The tones, lighting, composition, everything is awesome about this.

GARY CUMMINS's picture

Thank you so much Jeff!!

Thadd Grant's picture

I didnt know what it was til i zoomed in, then I got it...Fantastic shot!

GARY CUMMINS's picture

Thanks Thadd!

Jesse Goll's picture

Love this shot man, the composition, colorgrading, and roll-off into the water are so choice! Excellent capture!

GARY CUMMINS's picture

Cheers Jesse! Glad you like it!

Silvio Richetto's picture

Congrats, very cool shot, the yellow lines, the tones are just on point. Love it