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Black Magic

The other night I had a nightmare.
I started off on a dirt road. There wasn’t sound..did I go deaf? Something was off, there was nothing here (where is the color?). I’m nervous? I’m alone? Am I alone? Confusion whispered to me “NORTH!”. North? North?? I looked North to spot the dead eye in the sky (what time is it?). My palms are balmy. I ran towards these titans, but I got no where. The trees are growing taller by the second. My pores started to spill fear into the air. The eye in the sky pierced its gaze through me (why are you staring??). It was hot. The air turned into molasses. How long have I been running? I gasped for air but I couldn’t hear it, I couldn’t hear anything. My bones hurt. They turned into ice. I started melting into a puddle towards the ground. I’m stuck, is time ending? I can’t breathe, I started choking. The linings of my lungs filled with dread, I cried for help (no one could hear). I laid on the ground fading in and out to a cackle from the moon “This world is ending.”
Then I woke up.

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