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Introversion v3

This trip to New Mexico is what started me on the genre of minimalism. Exploring New Mexico was absolutely amazing, but extremely challenging and confusing to me. I used to only use my wide angle for my landscapes. I was used to the formula of "get a nice foreground, and let it lead you to the background". That just didn't work here really. Yes you could pull it off in some areas...but for the most part this wasn't doable. Therefor I had to adapt on my camping backpacking trip to white sands new mexico. IT forced me to think outside the box in order to capture its surreal beauty. As a side note, a lot of my ideas for my minimalist view of my current work stems from the idea of me becoming more of a introvert as I get older. As life progresses, the more closed off I feel like I'm becoming. So I'm trying to find the beauty in that aspect to include in my work, and to be comfortable with the idea to be able to accept me.

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