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Economy Class

Shot in the Liwa Dunes. This time I brought a suit, and I knew my photo bag would look fine as a suitcase.

I put on a suit in 50C (122F) weather and set up my camera and tripod and had my good friend push the shutter as I walked away. After walking all the way down the dune, I almost didn't make it back. The sand and heat saps your energy like you wouldn't believe!

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I could see this as an ad for an airline or a suitcase manufacturer maybe.
Perhaps it needs a little more definition in the suit, it's a little bit on the black side.

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Thanks for the comment Tomas! I was going for a more silhouetted look, but I might try reducing the contrast on the suit and see how I like it. Cheers!

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I really love the story you are telling! Great concept on the whole shot!
I like the silhouetted look of the suit, it keeps the story going about "Economy Class"

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It is a grate example of content prevailing that part of image quality people usually persuit, and it is right. I like the composition, and I like the way you've edited it.

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