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Stay Frosty

An improvised still life I put together with some stuff laying about in my computer room. Kind of looks like Wall-e going to war.

50mm · f/8.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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too lovely!!!

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Thank you Paola!

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I love this on soo many levels! My son is shipping off to the Marine Corps. in 1 month so the military feel hits home. The grungy helmet mixed with a vintage (hate to use that word since I had close to the same model in a Canon version once) film camera fit great. Fantastic! Thanks for the creation! My only nitpic....I can see a bit of the helmet liner on the right but not the left so it's thrown a little out of balance.

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Thanks Brian, i appreciate the comment and best of luck to your son! I agree about the light in the helmet, probably could have gotten rid of it. My first take on this scene had all of this gear sitting on a honeycombed beauty dish with the light coming from underneath, and it did NOT turn out good due to the detail seen inside the helmet.

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that’s just awesome!

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great concept!