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July 1969

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, I wanted to kinda create an everyday scene in my studio of the event.

I have a very old timber desk as a prop in my studio so I assembled a bunch of props to kinda give it a period setting.

The experts will probably pick the incorrect period items but it was all about creating the mood in the image and not trying to do an accurate time representation.

The hi-res moon landing front page of the newspaper was downloaded, printed and then stuck to an actual newspaper.

Lochie has a great 'James Dean' look and really fitted the era well.

I had 2 strobes behind the window. One with a red and the other blue to give the impression of neon outside and a single strobe on Lochie with a grided barn door to give it that private detective office feel.

55 · f/11 · 1/100 · ISO 200
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Some very nice story telling here.